100th Post!! - Once Again Menu Plan Monday

Yeah, it is my 100th post! So I am celebrating by making something really yummy for my friends tonight! Lucky friends of mine.

Monday - Small Group Night; guys taking kids to Micky D's and girls to make jewelry together! :) I am going to make Starbucks Peppermint Brownies; they'll love me tonight, but not tomorrow when we are at the gym :)
Tuesday - Breakfast for Supper; Sausage Egg and Cheese Casserole, biscuits and fruit
Wednesday - Slow Cook Thai Chicken and Rice
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas
Friday - Roast, carrots and potatoes
Saturday - bratwurst, french fries and sauerkraut (Celebrating Germany and France :))
Sunday- leftovers

Baking To Do's:
Finish off baking for neighbors and friends presents. Wrap and deliver!


Windows Wide Open said...

MMmmMm those brownies do sound good!

~~Happy Holidays!!

DEHausfrau said...

I'm going to "borrow" your Slow Cooke Thai Chicken" recipe... Have fun with your girls tonight. Check me out if you have a chance.

Happy eating!

Sandra said...

Great menu, thanks for sharing :)

Happy Christmas!

Natalie said...

Those brownies sound awesome!

My Menu Plan is up too! :)