Boot Camp Blues

In an earlier post, I told you about my early New Year's Resolution. This week I have been paying for someone to yell at me. Prince Charming said that I needed to explain what I do at this 5:30 am boot camp. He also jokingly said that I might include a before and after in my undies and I decided that that might discourage blog traffic. :) Included is a link to one of my most dreaded exercises. . .the 8 count push-up!

Below is the exercise where I had to run a lap because I said the cussword "I can't" @#&*(&%T$#. It is an ab exercise where you do a crunch on an aerobic ball. (Yeah, I look just like her!) I said the cussword when he asked me to reach to his hands way up in the air. He said, "Give me a Lap!!" Upon getting off the ball, I quickly thought and tried to redeem myself by reciting a Bible verse that might get me out of the lap. . .I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Nope, it didn't work. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense and carried on while I did my lap.

This is one of the most sadistic things to do to yourself. . .to pay money to have someone yell at you and tell you to do laps when you have a minor little slip of the tongue. Yeah, crazy, but rewarding, right!! Six pack abs here I come. . .or I would just be happy with my kids to stop telling me I'm soft and warm like a pillow. :)

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