Fun Gift To Receive

I wanted to let you in on something I already received for Christmas from a sweet family in my church. It's a popcorn bowl with mini-bowls so that you don't have to share! Yeah, that's what I teach my kids. . .get your own, kid!!! She even included yummy chocolates. . .so much for the early New Year's Resolution post!

This is a great gift if you are looking to buy a family with kids something and you are having a hard time thinking of something. She included the Veggie Tales Christmas movie which we have not seen. Yeah, I love Christmas and I love my friends! If you need more ideas for Christmas or great ideas that work for others, check out Works for Me Wednesday!


Stacey said...

great idea! we often forget that the simple things are best!

{ann} said...

Wonderful consumable, clutter-free family gift idea...enjoy your movie for years to come!