A Camping We Go!

Ok, this has got to be short, but I wanted to ask for deep intercessory prayer! We are going camping. This is after Tuesday I had severe neck problems and after yesterday and even into last night John Mark having a very yucky stomach bug. We are not sure that we should do this, but we are going anyway. Pray that we do not share the stomach bug in the tent! I do not like camping, this is totally for my kids!!!!! I thought I would ck online for a quick camping list to see what we should bring and make sure that we do not forget the essentials so I have uploaded the site for you to check out if you decide to go camping anytime soon. Will update when we get back. Have a fabulous day.



John Mark said...

You know you loved it - especially my coffee!!! :-)

Momma said...

Hey, I hope you guys have fun! I hope you feel better :(


Unknown said...

We did have fun and we are both somewhat better. I will get some pics on here soon. JM has my camera for Caleb's first pitching machine practice. Will upload pics of that as well. Also, to correct myself and to make my hubby feel better, I did not "upload the link" I included a link to the camp supplies list. :) Love you John Mark!