Jewelry Give-away Winner!

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Timestamp: 2008-08-04 00:04:27 UTC

Carol, from Sheep to the Right as well as Internet Cafe Devotions' blogs, you are the winner of my handmade jewels. I hope you just love it and will tell all of your friends about my up and coming Etsy shop.

Thank you to all who entered my give-away. If you stuck with me through the carnival because you like my blog, welcome aboard! I hope you will comment often and enlighten us with your thoughts. I often post my menu, a Work's for me Wednesday idea, some exercise updates and something spiritual that the Lord is doing with me.

Also, thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging comments about my jewelry. . .especially from the jewelry piercing lady (STAN. . .stay off my blog :))!!! Truly, I do thank you for your encouragement in the gifts God has given me and I pray that He will use it to His glory.

Several hopefully great posts coming up this week including. . ."The Unopened Invitation". Check back to see what this is all about.

Much Love,


Carol said...

Yahoooooo!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see them in person. I'll have to send you pics of moi with the fabulous jewels. LOL! You are such a sweetie. Love the blog. Come join the flock sometime!
~ Carol @ sheep to the right

alora said...

Nice blog!

Loving Family said...

It's a great blog! You showed how you love jewels and its a fashion. I'm sure your family is proud to your every success in your life..Keep it UP!