Thoughts Everywhere!

Today, I have been all over the place with my thoughts so I thought I would track them on my blog. Stick with me here. . .

Woke up thinking about hub's XBox/Rock Band/Guitar Hero Birthday Party last night. Did he have fun? Was he really surprised? Did they keep my friend up all night who volunteered her home for the all guy party?

I found out he had a great time and yes he really was surprised. I finally pulled it off after 10 years of being married to the sneakiest man on earth. Yay!

My thoughts slowly went to the condition of the house as well as of my heart. Both in shambles. I have not done much to the house except make it worse, but I did do my devotions this morning. By the way, I have changed the way I say the time spent with God from "Quiet Time" to "Devotions" because although it is by no means quiet at my house I am still quite devoted to Him! :) He assured me that although I am not 100% loyal to Him He is still my Jehovah-nissi (banner) and His banner over me is love.

Through my devotions, I decided my in-laws sign business is definitely biblical because they make banners! :) Yes, a random, but amusing thought.

I moved on to my work thoughts. I have been working (telecommuting) with a ministry for several years and have discovered that my position with one of the metros (not my whole job) is indeed about to come to an end. My boss assured me that it was not something that I have done/not done it is more about having someone local vs. telecommuting.

Obviously, my thoughts are all over the charts with this. I absolutely want what is best for the ministry because this is something that God is doing a great work in and I want what is best for the ministry as well as my own life. Just like your kids. . .you just want what is best for them even if it means a little heartache along the way.

So, I have been trying to decide what the Lord wants from me in my work. Whatever it is Lord, have Your way in me. I have decided to get my teaching license renewed through either taking the Praxis or a couple of courses at a local college this year. Either way, I am looking at a year to decide the correct course of action. I have been thinking for awhile that I need to get my teaching license back regardless if I go back to teaching or not. I just think it is safe to have it close just in case something happens. After all, it is a shame to have a degree and not be able to use it if need be.

I have another post floating around in my brain but I don't have the umph to construct it. More to come though!

Love you and hope you are having a great week!

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