Menu Plan Monday

Are anyone else's kids on summer break making them a little loony? This is especially not a good sign since I am home schooling both of them this year.

Monday - hot dogs and watermelon :( Not much of a menu, but hey it's food. . .well sort of
Tuesday - Happy Birthday To You! Special birthday dinner for hubs;
No Hints and I will not be able to reveal what I make until after dinner besides hotdogs on Monday always make you appreciate anything you get during the week!
Wednesday - eggs, cheese and Canadian bacon with English Muffins
Thursday - We did not get to try the Sweet and Sour Chicken Packets on the grill; I will serve rice with this and maybe some egg rolls
Friday - Ladies Night at church; eating at yummy restaurant in town; family on your own
Saturday - Small Group Olympics Party; Need to bring something from a different country that is represented at the Olympics. . .does anyone have any ideas?
Sunday - Taco Salad

Recipe Update:
Last week I made the most awesome potato soup. I guess I cannot really say that I made it because my Prince Charming helped, but I take credit since I found the recipe. It really was good and you should definitely try it if you like that kind of thing. I made cornbread and salad to go with it.


Thany said...

Love, love, love to see what other people are eating for dinner. I might have to swipe the potato soup recipe too!

Thanks for visiting the blog the other day and for identifying with me and my escapest daughter. I tell people she has the will of a Woman who will be strong in her faith for the Lord....if she EVER lives long enough to become a woman!

Crystal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!
The potato soup sounds yummy!! My hubby isn't really into soups but I love them and don't make them often! I may have to make this one night when he's going to be out of town or something! (or just let him pop a frozen pizza in the oven.. which makes him just as happy as pretty much anything else!)