Super Bowl Double Dipping Warning

According to Wikipedia the definition of Double dipping is as follows. . ."Double-dipping can refer to an offense derived from the unsanitary practice of placing food back into a communal bowl after it has touched a person's hands and/or mouth, i.e. dipping a carrot stick in vegetable dip, biting it, and dipping the remaining piece of carrot back into the communal dip. This causes the communal bowl to become contaminated by whatever was in the person's mouth, making it communicable to anyone who uses the bowl afterward."

I did add the bold and italics because I was shouting at that point.

To me, double dipping is one of the ugliest offenses out there. When I got married and had kids I realized there were a couple of other attacks on my Sanitary List of No-No's that were pretty high up on the list. Unfortunately, for my sanitary practices and fortunately, for my character building, double dipping is not a federal offense to the rest of my family.

This post stands as a warning and reminder to those who are teachable. My father-in-law forwarded the following article to me because he knows how important my stance is on "Double Dipping" in which he was caught "in the act" this past weekend. He must be filling the weight of his sin! You ask, is this really worth blogging about? Well, read for yourself how "Bad" double dipping can be. Are you interested in kissing everyone in the room that you are double dipping with? Hmmm. . .something to ponder. Check out the article link.


tootie said...

I agree with you! I'm very much against double-dipping. In fact, I've been known to completely skip any dip where I see someone doing that.

I hope you have a wonderful, double-dip-free weekend! :)

Hélène said...

I was at a reception once and I saw a girl pick her nose and then pick up a cookie. She looked at it, put it back and chose another one. EWWWWWW!!!

Hélène said...

Oops, I meant to say that that is another big sanitary offense.