Easy W-2 Organization

I am so enamored with all of my prize give-away comments that I totally forgot today is Works for me Wednesday.

I have been thinking about how clever I am for the past few weeks though. You see, every year we have this issue. Actually, we have lots of issues every year, but never mind that. Anyway, my hubs always always always does our taxes. . . no matter how complicated they seem to be. If he were to suddenly disappear, Lord forbid be taken to Heaven. . .just so you know honey, we will hire out!

Anyway, again there is this deep strain in our marriage. I want the taxes done. . .ie money! But he has the same problem every year of finding the tax information that we have been receiving in the mail for the last month. This year I had the foresight to put an envelope on my desk of all of our 2007 W-2 and tax information. Now, aren't I clever. No excuses this year honey! It is all by the desk waiting for your magic tax wand! :) Love you! Hope this works for you, not necessarily this year, but for many years to come.

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Mrs. Jones said...

This causes a wee bit o' stress in my house, too. I do the taxes, and 99% of the work is done by me, but I have to have my hubby do ONE thing to finish it up. So, I'm done with my part in Feb/March, and sometimes we actually have to file an extension because of that ONE thing.