Sea-Monkey Sadness Strikes Again

Does anyone know how to clean up Sea-Monkeys off of an upholstered couch?

Tragic. . .so tragic that my son was looking for wet paws on the cats to see who committed the crime. Hansel and I walked in after taking Gretel to school and saw a puddle on the floor. I quickly deduced either cat pee pee or a spilled cup. . .either caused by cat naughtiness! Nope, neither one, our poor Sea-Monkeys had been washed ashore onto the back of the couch. Our minute pets had no hope of making it once again in my home.

Yes, I said once again. When I around the age of seven I had my very own Sea-Monkeys. You see, I was trying to keep up the Sea-Monkey tradition with my daughter, but not the part where they depart! My Sea-Monkeys developed some kind of cancerous growth and died quickly. My seven year old brain wanted justice so I wrote the Sea Monkey company a quick letter.

Dear Whom This May Concern,

My poor sea monkeys died. I would really like for you to replace my sea monkeys or give me my money back.


What did the company do. . .they wrote me back. They expressed their sympathy by returning the comment "I am sorry that your poor Sea-Monkeys died." and there they were. . . a replacement pack.

So I in keeping with tradition, I expressed my remorse to my daughter and offered her a replacement pack.


ShellyH said...

We have tried the sea monkey thing a few times here in our house and each time, they died (not from our cat though LOL).

Mrs. Jones said...

I never could get my sea monkeys to live when I was a kid. Good luck getting them out of the couch! :-0