Sonic Card Give-Away Fun

Ok, I have been sitting here for two days reading all of the comments that you sweet ladies and I think I saw one guy :) have left about your favorite Sonic drink. Guess what I have thought about for two days straight!? McDonalds you say? No, they have the nastiest drinks (in my opinion.)

You guessed it, Sonic! So that is where we went after school today. I told the kids it was a reward for their hard school work. Do you see the sheepish grin on my face? That was part of it, I promise!

I think this give-away is going to cost more than I expected. As you read through the comments, look at all of those fun drinks that we need to try! And for you poor souls that have never even visited Sonic, I hope you win and if you don't try it out anyway! Just stick with the drinks that we have in the comment section and you can't go wrong.

I am dying to try the chocolate coke that several of you have mentioned. That sounds like a deadly combination! Yum.

1 comment:

Melanie said...

I love the Cherry Limemade with extra cherry juice!