It Really Does Work. . .the Good Job Jar

A few months ago we were struggling with how to keep our kids motivated and to get tasks done around the house without having to nag them. Well, we have been trying out the Good Job Jar since February and it really, really works. The kids have had a regular "income" streaming in and it has incredibly motivated them to do all sorts of things, including having a good attitude. On Monday, I gave Hansel a list and he got three pennies (which equates to .30 cents) for each thing that he did.

  • Read a book (don't normally pay them for reading. . .it just happened this once . . .I promise!)
  • empty dishwasher
  • 5 minute clean up on room
  • empty all the trash in the house and take it out
There is a note at the bottom of the list that says whining = losing a penny

It works, seriously. . . I don't like to nag and this really helps with nagging. I give my six year old equivalent chores as well and it works for her too. I hope this works for you. My kids have decorated their jars different ways at different points and this is a great way for them to take ownership and control over their jar.

Let me know if you try it and if it works for you. Make sure to check out Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer for more amazing tips and tricks for your family. Have a great day.


chona said...

great idea! I've always been so inconsistent with giving my kids allowances, but it's okay because my kids are so inconsistent with doing their chores without being told. :) I need a system for older kids - maybe looking into Dave Ramsey's commission based system.

Family said...

I can see myself through this article. When I was elementary my grandmother teach me how to be an independent. I sell a fried nut and help her in her buy and sell business.