Menu Plan Monday

I am so thankful for the post that lures me in each week and forces me to concentrate on planning. What would I do without a post on what we are going to have for dinner each week? I would starve or wander around aimlessly asking "what's for dinner?"!!! We would starve!

Monday - chicken legs that are calling me from the fridge; they are not pretty legs, but they are defrosted and have to be cooked

Tuesday - Sorry, mi familia. . .more bratwurst. I got a great deal at Kroger the other day so we are going to have it till the cows come home. Add some French Fries and voila. . . a meal and a deal.

Wednesday - Crunchy Baked Chicken, (the only difference in the chicken I cook and this is that I use Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix instead of Ranch), the only thing I know is I am going to try these crash, hot potatoes because she did such a fabulous job describing them. . .oh my word, crescent rolls, green beans or salad

Thursday - spaghetti = boring but my hubs does not care and my Hansel LOVES spaghetti so there you go . . .now it = winner!

Friday - Tuesday - in Branson family reunioning!!

This week I made blackberry cobbler with fresh blackberries from the Farmer's Market. This recipe closely resembled mine except I patted out little cobbles on the top instead of fancy lattice.

As always, you can click on my link on the sidebar for weeks and weeks worth of menus. I love simple, fast and semi-healthy cooking. :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for fresh berries and trips to the farmer's market. :) Blackberry cobbler sounds divine.