My Sunday Best

1. . Have you ever wanted to see a You Tube Video of the kind of dancing my aunt used to do? Probably not, but it is still cool! These dancers were on the Jackie Gleason show. This week I was visiting with my Uncle Brian and he showed me this website. Apparently, I have an Aunt Jeanine (my middle name) that used to dance like this back in the 60's and 70's for Horace Heidt. Instead of synchronized swimming, they do synchronized dancing. I always new I came from fame!
2. This is the store that I have been buying a lot of clothes from lately. The reason being, they have great customer service, you can find $25 coupons off all of the time in Southern Living and they have a great section of petite clothing. By the way, I do not wear petite clothes because of my waist size, but because of my height or lack-thereof! :)
3. What is my favorite way to find friends? This week I have found two of my really close old friends. It also makes me feel young inside to be able to communicate this way. :)
4. What is my favorite curriculum for home-schooling my son?
5. Been wanting to get organized? This is a great place to take the Monthly Organizational Challenge.

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