Menu Plan Monday

It is hard to get back on track today. I have been digital scrappin all weekend and I came home to a sick family. Hopefully we will be on the mend soon after a great week of food! :)

Monday - Farfalle Florentine
Tuesday - crock pot roast with beef broth and pepperoncinis/Roasted Potatoes/broccoli and cheese
Wednesday - Omelets
Thursday - Creamy Chicken Burritos
Friday - mooching off of my in-laws
Saturday - still moochin
Sunday - The Traditional Taco Salad

Happy Cooking with Love this week!


Amy said...

Sounds great! Tonight's pasta sounds especially good to me, but my family wouldn't go for that recipe. Can I come over? ;) LOL!

Wendy said...

YUM! The two recipes you linked to sound delicious!! Well, actually, everything you have planned sounds delicious! Have a great week!

John Mark said...

Yes that Farfalle looks great. I'd love to actually get to try it.... ahem. :-)

John Mark said...

UPDATE: The Farfalle was delicious. I'm not sure if Mrs. Clappy Shoes liked it though.

John Mark said...

I want a new post!!!