Blurb, Blah Blah Blah!

This is a tale about when scrapbooking meets computers.

I told you about my scrappin' retreat I had last weekend. Well, it was a blast, but I was a little miffed at the whole business. I have posted before on how my husband made a really cool Guatemala Mission Trip "scrapbook." Little did I know that he did not change any of the fonts or try to fluff it up. All he did was plop his pics into blurb and he popped out a really cool book.

You know, if you are a real scrapbooker, that things are really rarely that simple when making a scrapbook. . .plop and pop. I was inspired by my fellow scrappin' friends crazy books that they were making at the retreat. They were throwing together some paper and tape and it made me want to fluff my pages up a bit on my computer screen. All I wanted to do was add some fun fonts and make the sizes fit the page better. Nothin’ extraordinary.

I got everything set and then decided to change the themes and backgrounds. Then kapoof all of my text and sizes went adios. . . back to the same font I started with on all 126 pages that I had perfectly arranged on each stinkin picture! URGH!

I went to the “Help, I want to strangle whoever made this stupid program” section to check out what just happened. In the blurb forums I find lots of people irritated with the same thing. So I have joined the ranks of the Irate-Can’t-Format-Font-on- Blurb Friends! I think I will make that a facebook group! Anyone want to join me?

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John Mark said...

Yeah. That's a pretty major bug - they should at least warn you when you change backgrounds or whatever that this change will mess everything up or something.

But I'll add again that the program was awesome for what I used it for on our mission trip. Everyone wanted a copy.