My Sunday Best-Raisin' Kids

Kids. . . wonderful kids. They are such a joy . . .I almost typed job there and that would have been correct as well. When I think of my kids and how amazing they are I also get the mixed up feeling that we are not doing something right. There is still this edge to them that I want trimmed off. I am sure that the good Lord is saying that about me too as I type. With the responsibility of kids, I always have this added weight on me. Yes, it shows around my waistline, but it shows up in my prayer life as well. We are always striving (and will until the day we leave this crazy earth) to be parents that are worthy of the calling.

Here are some links that we as parents are always checking back in with to make sure that we are on course and I found some fun ones this week on my regular blogging rants.

1. How do I teach my kids about money?

2. How do I raise healthy kids both emotionally and spiritually? Great tips here for teenagers!

3. This is a regular newsletter that I get. They offer families a way to discuss films as well as culture with your kids.

4. What is a great book that offers creative disciplining tactics for parents? The fun part is that it is written by Blair off of The Facts of Life. Now she is a cool gal!

5. What is a great way to teach your kids manners?

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