Menu Plan Monday

It's that time again. Time to plan my menu! I am super excited this week and you are about to find out why.

Monday - Small group. . .hmmm something easy. How about chili, fritos and cheese! :)

I am going to make Cream Cheese Squares and coffee for my Small Group. Cream cheese really unites people! :)

Tuesday - Sesame Chicken

Wednesday -Chicken and Mushrooms
4 ckn breasts
1 can cream of mushroom
1 can cream of chicken
uncooked bacon
pkg. mushrooms

Wrap bacon around chicken (1-2 pieces) and lay on bottom of pan. Slice mushrooms and put them on chicken. Mix cans of soup and spread them on chicken. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Serve with Rice.

Thursday - Heart Shaped Pancakes with Reese's Peanut Butter Chips. Oh MY!!! If you like Peanut Butter, these will speak to your soul. Serving with bacon and strawberries.

One of my friends has a lake house and has generously allowed us to use it for the whole weekend! Hubs has someone lined up to preach for him. Wow what a weekend! Don't know what the kids are going to be eating. . .mom, don't forget to feed my kids. They are not too picky, but Gretel says that she is allergic to hot dogs and milk. :)

Friday - Steak/Twice Baked Potatoes/Salad and Spanish Flan for dessert

Saturday - Stir Fry-we love to chop vegetables and cook together-one of our newlywed things that we used to do. . .a couple that cooks together stays together. . . :) Just made that one up. Can you tell?

Sunday - lunch out/dinner -probably hot doggin it! Sorry Gretel.

I hope ya'll have a wonderful Valentine's Day. If you are looking for some fun Valentine linkage, check out My Sunday's Best-Valentine Edition.


Nic said...

Your menu plan looks great. Have a great week end - it is always so refreshing to have a change of location for the week end. Thanks for the link as well!

Sarah said...

Yum! Looks like a great menu (I'm making that same sesame chicken tonight! :) and have a great Valentines Day and weekend!


Cynthia Matzat said...

I'm going to try those Cream Cheese Squares. They sound heavenly! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

the pancakes sound so yummy! enjoy your weekend away!

Sarah said...

Oh, and I tagged you for a MEME today on my blog . . . if you wouldn't mind! :)