This is what $28 will buy ya where I live. . .

Yesterday, I had a day off. It was blissful. On Fridays, my routine goes a little something like this. . take Gretel to school, pray with some amazing ladies from my church and then ride the waves of freedom while my Prince Charming teaches Science and Music.

I shopped with my envelope full of $28.00. Yes, we do the envelope system. If you have never been tortured by experienced the Envelope System it helps to control spending in certain categories of your budget.

Anyway, back to the original intent of this post . . to celebrate what $28 got me yesterday. This is a picture of it. The most expensive part of my purchase was indeed the wooden caddy from an antique store in town. The moment I saw it, it opened opportunities I had never experienced before. I saw little candles in each of the compartments with a festive bow at the top. Then my imagination took me to the possibilities of a silverware caddy when my friends are over feasting with us. Where does your decorative mind take you when you look at this?

The clothes I bought at a place kind of like Goodwill. Yes, I shop at Goodwill from time to time. No shame in my game! I am a smart girl with a shopping habit and $28.00 in my envelope so don't mess with me! :) All of $7 I spent there. I bought 1 fancy shirt, a pair of workout pants, a black cardigan, and a little vest thingermajiger.
One of my other, but most intense shopping issues is a fabric fetish. The place that I go to is the most amazing fabric warehouse. Even the little ladies that do not live in my area were commenting yesterday that they have never seen so much fabric before. It is wall to wall with upholstery, sheers, and other sewing paraphernalia. One of the ladies said as she was weeding through the dollar pile, "No reason for anyone to be cold. . . all you need is a needle and some thread." I wholeheartedly agree. No reason for any pillows to not be cute or a window to be bare. :) This pretty much concluded my shopping after I spent a whopping .54 cents on that cute fabric to cover a couple of pillows for my bed.Every town and city has their own charming places to shop. Where are the places that you like to shop and get bargains on? I would love to know. Leave a comment and maybe you and I can go there together some time!

Have an awesome Saturday.


tootie said...

Good on you for sticking to a budget! And it seems like you found quite a few treasures in the process.

My favorite bargain place to shop is at used bookstores. You can sometimes find some neat books (at low prices, of course). We move a lot (since we're military), but I always seem to locate a local used bookstore :)

cheerios mom said...

Yee-Haw! WAY TO SHOP D! The caddy will be so handy and the fabric looks like a great addition to your bedding!

The "thrill of a deal" is very exciting at our house too! I've found a couple more great bargain places in our area! :-) M