These are a few of my favorite things ...

Do you hear me singing as I type? The hills are alive with the sound of music. . . .

Shopping makes me sing. Online shopping makes me sing louder and "purtier!" That is a word where I am from.

Lately, every time my hubs gets home he is greeted with a box that says Coldwater Creek. They just have these nasty email updates that say, 300 Hottest Deals in Outlet and I just can't resist! The reason I like them so much is because they fit my little odd shaped body. I have big hips but I am short! Their clothes fit right.
Word of caution:
You do have to weed thru the little ole' gray hair ladies section first before you can get to the fun stuff.

Speaking of Valentines or Mother's Day I really like Snapfish or Shutterfly for fun gifts. Last year I made My Prince Charming a fun mug for Father's Day. It had this cute pic of some really cute kids collaged all over it.

Back in the day when I sold jewelry from Premier Designs (which was super fun by the way) I did my bulk shopping for give-aways and accessories at Wholesale Accessory Market. It truly is eye candy when the screen pops up. I believe there is a $50 minimum order which should not be too hard if you really search around enough. Do not tell your husbands though or he may ban you from my site.

Also, I have a few of my favorite Valentine sites on My Sunday's Best Post. There are some free Valentine supplies on one of the sites.

Check out all of the other Works for Me Wednesday posts to find out what is putting everyone else on the edge of their seat as far as online shopping goes. Fun times we live in.

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Kathryn Bonner said...

Wow! Oh Wow!!! I have just checked out the "Wholesale Accessory Market" and Oh How much fun I have already had! I have tons of stuff in my shopping cart for very little price!!! LOVE IT! Fun stuff.

What other secrets do you know! Hee Hee! This was a wonderful post. I haven't made through all of the other clicks yet, can't wait to see what else I might find!

Sounds like you are having a blast!

Love ya,