The second posts of Branson

My time in Branson was just 24 short hours. In this post, I told you how we came to almost hit Rudolph in the first two hours of our trip. The remaining hour, after we had all snacked and had a little bit of a snooze, we talked about the deep things in life such as the meaning of the word "throw-up." The kids decided it either came from your stomach or your bottom. It is thrown up in the air.

Upon arrival at the beach house resort motel Gretel was gloriously excited that it included toilet paper. "Yes, when we travel Gretel, we go all out!" Thus continued the excitement. Soon we discovered we forgot to pack Hansel's underwear and he decided to not wear any that day. Lovely! So he got to prance around "undyless."

The adventures continue in the third posts of Branson. We have only begun!

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