Happy Birthday Lime and Socks!

I know. . .we're weird, but I just couldn't resist. We found our cats outside of our house last year right before Christmas. They were probably born around this time. I mentioned the idea of a party to my kids and they were all over it. After all, what's a family without a little bit of fun every now and then. So we planned it. . .presents, place mats, cards, party hats, and to top it off canned salmon. Just a little side note on the whole lighted candle and salmon thing. . .make sure that your cat does not go bazirk smelling the stuff and accidentally singe his hair on the lighted candle because he cannot wait. Not that that happened or anything :) Please don't report us. . .we really love our cats; the kids told us not to light the candle or the cat might get hurt and we did not listen. It just smelled a little like singed cat hair and salmon for a little while.

Also, Lexy (the nine year old wiser cat) came in fashionably late to join in the fare. No, we do not normally let the cats eat at the table with us, but it was their birthday! :)

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