I can do that in two ingredients!

The question from Rocks In My Dryer. . .what do you do if it is 5:30 and your kids are hollerin' and you only have three things in your pantry? What are those three things and what do you make for supper? I think if it were me we would have quesadillas. . . tortillas, cheese and the George Foreman Grill and that's only two ingredients! To make it a healthy dinner . . .add a can of pineapple or mandarin oranges! :) Yes, fresh is better, but hey we're desperate.

If you wanted to go all out and you have the extra ingredients. . .add chicken and salsa and yum I am getting hungry already!

Another alternative that we have regularly (like weekly) is pancakes and sausage or bacon. I make my pancakes from "Krusteaz pancake mix" and I usually get it at Sams for $5. It makes 200 pancakes. All it takes to make these incredible flapjack boys is water and a spoon!! Amazing. I usually whip out my griddle and dinner is ready in 10 -15 minutes.

There you go. . .to get more tips to help the dinnertime hollers go away, visit Rocks in My Dryer.

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Cyndy said...

That's my kind of last minute cooking!