Ok, I'm bragging!

I am two presents away from being finished with my big Christmas shopping.

The two that I have left are my son and a cousin of mine. Neither of them are that difficult, I just have not gotten to the place to buy the present. Yippee Skippee! I do have friends and neighbors to bake for, but that is it. The hard part is almost over. . .now I can enjoy my time with my family instead of being hmm. . .how could I say it politely?
Thought I would post this picture. Let's just say that my kids got inspired after watching Charlie Brown Christmas. Yeah, it's in my front yard and my neighbors are extremely thankful for us because we help their house value skyrocket with these decorations. I hope your family is having a memorable Christmas season.

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tickledpink.nicole said...

Congrats on your shopping, and I LOVE the tree! Adorable!