Works-for-Me Wednesday

Works-for-Me Wednesday is a neat thing that the blogger, Rocks in My Dryer, started to catch up with women across the nation. She has designed a great way to see what tricks women have up their sleeves when it comes to organization around the house, mom I'm bored ideas and etc.

I am two days late on my WFMW post! I just discovered this blog so I think I am off the hook. Anyway, here goes my latest and greatest idea in the kitchen world.

My daughter who is five always wants me to cook with her or have a tea party with her. I am a bad mom and just don't want to get the tea party stuff out or drag out the easy bake oven equipment! To keep me from dreading it and saying maybe later I have made a couple of baskets on my counter for just these occasions. This way, I have no excuses when it is right there staring at me and sometimes I even initiate these adventures. Good accountability for me! Thought you might like to know. . .

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Diedra Blosser said...

I am leaving this comment because you have been TAGGED!!! See my blog to find out what it means:-)

By the way, great idea for easy tea parties!