My New Pull-out Drawers (in my kitchen) :)

You knew what I meant, didn't you! My fabulous, hunky husband made these drawers for me after hearing me whine about how I could never find anything!!! Seriously, it freed up space in an amazing way once he installed these. The cool thing is that it cost him less than $75 for this project! My love language is gifts and he has found a way to make me happy at last!


Momma said...

Wow those are awesome drawers! Where did JM find the plans?? I want Ryan to build me some too! The oatmeal I wrote about was pretty good, but I think that the recipes from were better. The apple seemed over-cooked for my taste. We typically nuke the oatmeal with water instead of using the slow cooker and it turns out great. I add a little bit of my coffee creamer (flavored) to sweeten and cool it down for the kids and they LOVE it.

John Mark said...

I actually "made up" the plans for those. It really wasn't hard once I figured out a few basic things (what kind of joints to make, how to put in the drawer slides and mount them, etc.) It helped that I had a professional cabinet maker in our church show me some that he had made. And you can't see it, but the $75 was for two cabinets of drawers (the second has two bigger drawers instead of three), not just that first one. The second cabinet is behind that first one.

John Mark said...

Oh. And I am only considered hunky AFTER I have swept the floor and cleaned up after my projects. :-)

Momma said...

JM: LOL. Wow, I am really impressed!

Desiree: Wow, 23 pounds is awesome! I have just started but I need to lose approximately 30 pounds (and probably more). Did you know that we don't have the super triples/doubles at Albertsons anymore? The last one was last year sometime--I think last summer. My Kroger only doubles up to $.50 too. :( I know that you know to shop the clearance at Walmart (& use those q's on the trial size!). Hmm, I wonder if your Kroger has the same deals as mine. What is your zipcode?

Also, I got an MRI today of my foot. I will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to find out if I need surgery--please pray that I will not!

Unknown said...

I will be praying Nickie for your foot. That is crazy!

Let me know if you have anymore advice on the grocery thing. I really need some help that way. I need some motivation because I have all of the coupons for every week but I am not cutting them out-just collecting :(

I think the thing that hinders me is that I really relied on my list to know what to look for. 72501 is the zip here.

Have a great day!