My Angel

Ok, so he is not always an angel, but really close. I love my Caleb! He has grown physically, spiritually and mentally so much lately. I am constantly amazed. This age is fun, but it does have it's challenges. He is beginning to assert his independence by appealing many of our decisions which is ok as long as it's done properly. We have been using "the appeal system" and as long as he remembers to do it like this it usually works well for him. He and his sister fuss at each other more than they used to. I think it is because they are closer mentally and socially then they ever have been. She is interested in playing with his friends and even playing nintendo with him from time to time.

Overall though, he is doing so well. He is a great reader. He loves God and constantly has a song in his heart. He also has grown a ton. I can wear his socks!!! He is very independent and motivated; often making his own lunch and breakfast before school. He made himself a chore chart and posted it on his wall. Not that he always follows it, but I was just impressed that he made the chart. My favorite "chore" that he put on the chart is . . .love mom!!! What an awesome guy he is. I am praying that he grows up to be like his daddy!!

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