Strange Talk at my House

I need a translator. Can you figure out what my kids are talking about? I typed up a 3-5 minute conversation of my kids this afternoon. Please help, I think I am being taken over by Pokemon.

This guy is a manake

Those little guys who are sting rays

I am on level 38 and I just killed it

It is a lot for a level 1

I have oxcelery, I got the evolution of evelray

Ah, the evolsion of manake

Oh wait, walterpulse, stinkers

Down to the ground on top of the hound

How much did you get

1,412 almost level 50

Monster raptor wants to learn bravebird

Whirlwind isn’t that good

One time whirlwind saved my live. . .

Have you experienced any of this strangeness in your home? Please tell me that I am not the only one.

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catslady said...

Glad you're posting again!