A Normal Day and other Musings

Today seems like a "normal day." I usually say, "whatever that is" but today I think normal is appropriate. We woke up at a reasonable 7:00ish. We had a nice pancake breakfast that dad cooked on the griddle. We ate the ferociously amazing hotcakes while watching Star Wars, the Clone Wars. I have decided that while I had a "princessish" themed wedding that Gretel will probably have a Star Wars themed wedding featuring her as Queen Amidala. Somehow that seems right.

Anyway, after breakfast we worked on the house a little, cleaning our rooms (except I did not take the lead there, which I need to desperately). I did laundry, which was much better than the 498 loads I did last week. I think I might have been a week or so behind last week which made this week's so much better.

Also, we watched my favorite house flipping show called "Property Ladder" where I decided that is my next venture. . .flipping houses. Actually, it is Prince Charming's next venture, but he does not know that yet. Also, don't tell him, but I am going to be his boss and he will work for me and I am going to be a very rich woman. :) Just kidding, honey. It does look fascinating though.

There are many many other things going on in the recesses of my mind about my future, but lets just keep those in my mind for now.

What is your normal Saturday morning look like?

Saturday Blessings,

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John Mark said...

Heh. Sounds like you have quite the plan there. I vote for a more equitable arrangement though.