Grocery IQ App

Both my husband and I have I-phones. We were sitting around the other day thinking about how we needed an iphone app that would sync between our phones that could keep up with our grocery list. We always have a running list that we struggle with communicating when the other ones go to the store. Usually he will call and say what do you need at the store and I will text or email him my list.

Eureka! We struck gold with this app. It is called Grocery IQ. It not only has a list that syncs between our phones, but we scan our favorite (name brand items only) items and it tells us exactly which ones to pick up at the store. So when my hubs goes to the store and cannot remember which coffee creamer I like, he can just look at his app and it stores my favorite. It really is amazing. You can scan, just like a grocery scanner, any item even including books and it will store it in your phone.

There are other cool features like storing items by the aisle, ability to mark off items as you go, possibly coupons for your items and the ability to clear your list once you are finished shopping. It really is amazing.

So, the moral of the story is, if you have an iphone, get this app!!!

Lots of App Love,


John Mark said...

It's worth noting that this app is available on the Android operating system as well.

With Android it even allows data entry via voice search.

Jean said...

A real helpful application. Thanks for sharing. By the way, this self defense for women like us might interest you. Thanks and more power!

Erin @ said...

Another to check out is the new iPhone app from (it’s a new free online shopping list). It’s free and it categorizes, sorts, syncs with the web and other mobile phones. Plus, you can search recipes and add recipe ingredients. It’s pretty neat. So it’s like GroceryIQ, only it’s free.

Erin :)