Shaking the Eight Ball

Have you ever wished that your scale was like an eight ball and you could just shake it again for a different number? Well, I feel that way this week. I went on vacation for three nights with my honey bunches and guess what, I gained three pounds! That is a pound a day people. That is just crazy. It was all worth it though, right???

The place where we went to get away was in Eureka Springs, AR. It was a bed and breakfast called Mt. Victoria. It is known for it's awesome breakfasts and even being featured in Southern Living. The one that was featured was Chris' signature smoked turkey breakfast pastry. I am here to tell you that it was reallllllyyyyy good. I'm not kidding. I have thought about it several times since I got home and I think that I am gaining weight thinking about it.

Eureka Springs was a really neat place to visit. Prince Charming and I had been talking about going there for several years and until now had not been able to go for whatever reason. I am really thankful for the time away. Now I need to figure out how to not expect breakfast being made for me every morning at 9:00 am and oh the not having anything to do aspect was something I could get used to as well. OK, back to trying to shake the eight ball and get a new number. Wish me luck.

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