Discouragement Setting In?

December 10th marks the day that I started working out 4 times a week very early in the morning. Let's count them together one. . .two. . .three months of working out consistently. Two days of cardio and two grueling days of strength training at "Boot Camp." Guess what? I have gained weight. I have probably gained 2-5 pounds. Currently, I am "training" for a 5 K which is about 3.1 miles. In the fall, I ran a 5K out of shape and this time I want to not only run the 5 K, but to be ready for it physically.

Now, nothing is more discouraging for a woman who is dedicated to exercise than to gain weight. At this point I am having to look at the other positive perks of exercising and not give up.

The list below provides my benefits of exercising (outside of weight loss).

  • I have a lot better endurance than I used to. . .this morning I ran for 2.5 miles with a group of women and felt like going more. (This may not be big for some people but it is really good for me since I am used to working out on a treadmill or elliptical)
  • able to pick up heavy things like my kids and have fun swinging them around!!!
  • everyone says that muscle weighs more than fat so maybe there is hope for my weight gain.
  • my grandmother has osteoporosis and we have the body type that is prone to osteoporosis. Strength training fights osteoporosis.
  • more energy, especially in the morning to early afternoon.
  • makes you choose a little more wisely during the day with your eating because you know it takes a lot to work those calories off.
  • helps fight depression
  • gives you a better self image which is a great benefit to your marriage
  • gives you determination to reach your goals (making a choice each day to get out of bed and exercise
  • take the time to see the beauty of God's creation when running outdoors
  • helps you rely on the strength of the Lord when working out is tough
  • listen to music while I run which has been good for my soul
  • get to see my friends a lot during the week
  • able to meet new people through a running/walking club
  • continue to develop friendships with people I already know, but also have an interest in exercise
With all that being said, I need not be discouraged, right? There are many other benefits to exercise than weight loss. One of the websites that I get info from and my mother-in-law introduced me to is called sparkpeople.com. I sign up for information from Spark People and it keeps me informed on exercise, healthy dieting and motivating stories.

I would love to know how exercise has helped you or what you do when discouragement sets in. Share your hints with all of us. Happy Exercising!


tootie said...

You've probably just gained muscle! Don't judge your progress by the numbers on the scale - it should be about how you feel!
Don't give up :)

Anonymous said...

I second what tootie said - go by how you feel! The scales aren't going to tell you how healthy you are or how strong you are getting (and muscles _do_ weigh more than fat - so there!) :u) You go girl!

Carlene said...

Good job there. Exercising really help maintaining our good health and condition physically and mentally. Also try attending Family Blessings seminar for your spiritual needs.