Among the First Responders

It is 6:54 am and my day has already been pretty eventful. While I was working out at the gym this morning, in my Boot Camp class, we heard a sound like thunder. My friend looked at me and we dismissed the sound as someone being careless with the weights or a little wild in their exercising. A few seconds later, "the funny desk guy" comes in and tells our "not-so-nice boot camp instructor" that someone just ramped the curve and hit the building next to us. My "not-so-nice boot camp instructor" flew out the door (I was glad to see him finally get some exercise) and flew to the accident.

My friends and I got to be the "first responders" by huddling up for prayer. I am assuming the guy went into a diabetic sugar shock and ran off the road. He was responding when we left, but was pretty beat up. I guess that would be the case since he ran into the side of the building. I am grateful that he was alive as I am sure he is too. God was quite merciful to him as well as to us, by him not running into the gym with all of us working out. So that would be my praise today that I got to be "among the first responders" at an accident as well as keep my life.

As I go throughout the day today I want to keep that response of prayer and be apart of what God is already doing around me. Thank you Lord, for Your mercies are new each day.

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Mom Tu-Tu said...

Wow! What a way to start your day. I bet it was scary, but great that you were there to pray!