My Concern

This is the email that I sent to McGuires earlier today. It is the follow-up from my last year's visit.

Last year my family and I went to the beach in Perdido Key. I was so excited to find a McGuires in Pensacola as I frequently visited the one in Destin when we traveled to the beach in years past. My husband, mom, dad, and two kids (10 year old son and 8 year old daughter) all visited your restaurant, ordered some of our favorites and were having a great time.

My son needed to use the restroom and we felt like it was ok for him to go on his own since he was ten. He came back to the table and reported that there were pictures of naked women in the restroom. We were kind of surprised at his report so my dad went to go see what he was talking about. Sure enough, the pictures were not necessarily artwork, but more what you might see in a copy of "Easy Rider."

Honestly, knowing that I had taken my son to a restaurant that exposes children to these images ruined not only my appetite, but any interest in dining at any of your restaurants ever again. In my opinion, you have great food, but pretty lousy taste in decorating your restrooms. I understand that it is a pub/bar, but you have a children's menu.

I am sitting in Destin on the beach thinking where I would like to eat on one of my last days here and honestly I would love to come to your restaurant, even if there are no pictures like the one in Pensacola, but I cannot. It's not about the food anymore, it's about the principle of it and standing up for what I feel is right for my kids. Thank you for allowing me to comment.


P.S. I promise to update this post if I get a response from them.


Suzy Oakley said...

Good for you, girl. No enough people take the time to follow up and let establishments know when they've done something offensive. And you did it in a calm, rationale, nice way.

Way to go! I hope they listen and clean up their act.

jenny said...

yeh, it's ok to voice your concerns. esp as has a kids menu, very distasteful.. wonder if they changed anything?