Did I Really Say Yes to That?

I am sitting on the beach kind of caught up in all of the scenery around me. There are lots of cliche things that I could make my subject line. My heading could be, something like "The Waves of Life" or possibly even "The Sands of Time" from a popular soap opera that I don't even know if it exists or not anymore. But my predominant thought right now is, "did I really say yes to that?". No, I'm not talking about my marriage! That was very naughty of you to think ;)

I guess I have been feeling a little guilty about us leaving Hansel and Gretel out on this vacation. We have felt overwhelmed by life as a married couple so we really needed to get away. However, they did get to go to their grandparents which is not exactly solitary confinement unless you count hiking, watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and getting paid big bucks for doing minimal work solitary confinement. It still feels a little off balance since I am having so much fun.

So when Hansel called me from Pet Smart to ask if he could have a mouse, I said "yes." You have to know we have six cats so I imagine it will not last long. Is that bad to say? The last time I saw a mouse near our home it was in the mouth of my cat that was about the size of our cat! I was cheering the cat on!

I do have a bad feeling that this was not my smartest move. Why do I think that this mouse is going to make the Guiness Book of World Records for longest living rodent?

Have you ever made a rash, guilt-based decision? Such are the waves of life, right? ;)

-- Clappy Shoes

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Kayla said...

Haha, don't worry, if the mouse gets out even once, I'm sure the cats will be first to find it...

M.D. Harness said...

I find great relief in this blog! I am NOT alone!! My little guy (5yr old) is begging for a mouse and I absolutley refuse! Does this make me bad? I am a new follower, born and raised in Arkanas who recently moved to the sunny beaches of Florida. =) I relate to the post on sooo many levels! =) Blessings!