Tales from the Crib

Or from the baby carriage I should say. Yes, that is her baby, Lime the live cat. He is quite temperate.

I wonder if I am going to be on BlogHer probation soon for how many times I have let my blog lapse. I should just stop apologizing. Unless I become instantly rich and never have to work again, this blog will just keep lapsing. I keep thinking my job will get so easy that I do not have to actually work to do it. Hmmm. I think there is something wrong with my work ethic. :)

That's ok. I will just have to persevere. In a nutshell this is what is going on at our crib as we speak:

My cat, Lime, is running through the house like a horse trying to find his Christmas toys and my cat, Lexy, has her legs splayed and is trying to clean her aging fur.

Gretel is finishing up her school work for the day (5:30 pm), :( but she is excited to be done because she has her 1st semester of her 3rd grade year finished in Literature. She got to receive a brand-spanking-new school book and she is delighted beyond words. I had to tell her not to read it all at once. This, my dear, is a good problem.

Now she is stomping off to see what the cats have knocked over in the kitchen.

Hansel is taking a nice long soak in the tub. He had his dreaded basketball practice today. He is going to be sooo tall, but he hates basketball. I just keep thinking he will magically start liking it. Maybe Michael Jordon used to tell his mom that he didn't want to go to basketball practice. :(.

Prince Charming is on his way home from Little Rock. He had some people to visit with, as well as, lunch with his parents. He also had to stop at Sams and make use of the $30 membership card. :)

I am trying to decide what to do. I am either going to get back to work for the evening or go do something totally irresponsible. . . like eat a bunch of ice cream with candy bars crushed on top and put my pajamas on and sit too close to the TV watching all of the Home Improvement Shows that I can find until midnight.

Hmmm. Which would you do??? Have a great weekend. Back to the blog time lapse.

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