Gym Adventures

I know that you are going to really love this post. This is my latest and greatest Exercise and The Princess posting ever. It started out as a normal day. . . not!!! I woke up yesterday at 5:43 am, half an hour after my alarm clock sounded (that I don't remember turning off). My coffee was patiently waiting for me to grab a cup and head out the door. I slept in my gym clothes, which yeah I know is very ingenious of me so I had very little to do to actually get to the gym. The less, the more realistic it is that I arrive and on time.

I get to the gym after pondering the possibility to get a little more shut eye at each stop sign I come to. I decided that might be a little unsafe so I should just keep moving. Anyway, I had had enough bad dreams about the gym all night. Dreams that included me being so uncoordinated that I could not work out. Normally, I do not have this much anxiety about going to the gym, but this morning was different.

I had a personal trainer waiting for me at the gym waiting to give me a little "Exercise Love." My partner-in-crime was also awaiting my arrival. You see, I had missed the last two weeks because I had been sick one week and overslept the next. She told me that she had a little trouble walking after her workouts with the personal trainer in the last two weeks that I had missed.

I was determined to make it though. "I am no exercise coward" I said to myself. So, we begin the workout. We start with a few push-ups. We go on to some pull downs, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and then onto leg work. By the time that we get to the 10 pound ball above our head and lunges up and down the center of the gym, I was beginning to "feel it" and I mean really "feel it." The feeling was mostly coming from my stomach and the sweat I broke out in. My stomach kind of felt like a well of coffee wanting to be pulled up by the rope if you know what I mean. I casually mentioned I was not feeling so "well" and exited quickly to the restroom where I welcomed the coffee back that I had guzzled earlier. :(

Feeling like I needed to go back to my bed and forget this happened or had been part of my day, I came out to some wide-eyed exercise friends. My personal trainer did what any man who was exercise minded would do. He encouraged me to stay and promised me a mint. I could have either variety cinnamon or peppermint. Now that's what I like, options. :)

So I stayed until after the planks sent me running back to the bathroom, where I barely escaped more of the porcelain god. I forgot to pay the poor guy and excused myself quietly and quickly. Hmmm, next Tuesday is looking really fun. I can't wait.

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