Menu Planning for the Week

Ok, so last week definitely was better than the week before. I am not sure if it was the lighter load or the advance attack menu planning. I thought I might give it a whirl again to see if we can stay on menu task. :)

Monday - small group, hoping I can make some monkey bread! YUMMO! Oh, we're not supposed to have just that for dinner? Well, hopefully our small group will bring something healthy.

lunch: leftover french onion soup - very yummy

Tuesday - Chicken marinated in teriyaki on the grill, broccoli marinated with soy sauce on the grill, and brown rice (steaming that right now so I do not have to think ahead).

lunch: grilled cheese and chicken noodle for lunch for the girls,

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pie - going to Little Rock for my job

lunch: leftovers or grilled cheese again

Thursday - Soft Tacos with salad fixins (forgot tomatoes need to pick up), vegetarian refried beans ( I know that is an oxy-moron) but I can't stand the thought of lard in refried beans! :),

lunch: hopefully leftovers or cheese pizzas on the sandwich thins

Friday - I am realizing that I really have a full time job. My friends are taking their kids to the pumpkin patch and it will probably will not happen for me. I can't stand the thought of not taking her or her going without me. What to do? Ok, sorry I got sidetracked thinking about Friday and lunch and all that.

Dinner - I know this is lame, but I think we will have spaghetti with whole wheat pasta, salad and french bread. It is definitely a simple kind of week for cooking. No new recipes for me, I need old stand-bys.

Saturday - I still have not made beans and I had good intentions. Hopefully I will remember to soak them overnight and then I can let them simmer on the stove for awhile. I think we are in luck this week for some good fall weather. A pot of beans and cornbread on the side sounds really good right now.

Sunday - taco salad or taco soup or leftovers - whatever suits my fancy that afternoon; they are all about the same to warm up or to make!

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