Notification of Offense

When the kids started school, I gave them the list of things to do before school each morning. It included: eating breakfast, getting dressed (including shoes), brushing teeth and making bed . . . if they got all of that done they could watch cartoons.

Today, I walked into their room after they left for school (one child to my friend's who we trade days homeschooling on Thursdays and the other child off to public school). As I partied mourned their leaving, I realized they had committed the first morning offense of the year. Both of their beds were left unmade. I thought for a second and realized that they need a consequence to remind them other than nagging. Nagging only works for awhile. :) They needed a semi-natural consequence. I pondered putting fake bugs and snakes in their bed like they like to do to me, but I decided it needed to hurt their "pocketbook."

I decided to "fine" them. We use a penny jar system that we invented over a year ago to help implement some desired behaviors and ward off negative behaviors. It has really worked! It works as allowance as well as positive reinforcement. We love it. Anyway, they came home from school and I told them that I fined them today and the notice was on both of their doors. They were confused at first when observing the notice on Hansel's door, but I could tell after they realized what happened they were disturbed. Hansel, got a slight smile on his face and I like to think it is because he thinks I am pretty witty. :) Gretel, was quite perturbed and stomped off to her room to locate her fine on her door.

I have great hope that this is going to work to help them remember the details of our morning. What do you think? Have you done something similar that has worked for warding off bad habits in your home? I would love to hear.

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Unknown said...

I must confess that I haver ready your blog off and on for a few years! :) I also wanted to tell you that I like this idea; the pocekt book would really work with my oldest. The daughter (middle) would respond quite distraught that "she had an offense". I think it's a great idea, because I too get tired of hearing myself correcting them!
Thanks for sharing,