Living Life

Do you want to live in authentic community with your neighbors? How does that play out? We live in a culture that does not naturally make us able to live in community with people. We don't hang out on our front porches sipping lemonade together. In fact, our culture pulls us away by keeping us slaves to our work, our media and even our hobbies.

God used a book called, “Making Room For Life” by Randy Frazee (now pastor at Max Lucado's church in San Antonio, TX) to change my mindset and help me to see how I could practically make community a priority. I realized that the reason community was not happening in my life was because I did not leave room for it in my schedule. My schedule was dictated in the evenings by my children’s sporting events, the need for a little brain defragmenting in front of the tv, as well as, chores that got put off until the last minute.

What is driving you away from true community spent hanging out in each others yards and homes with your neighbors? Check out, “Making Room For Life” and make living life in community a priority today.

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