New Thang I'm Tryin!

I was lamenting a few weeks ago about my grocery budget to a close friend who is extremely practical and a money saver on top of that. These are definitely the people you should consult when struggling with budget issues.

What budget you ask? I have a set amount that I budget each month and we are not even coming close to what I need to spend, I mean we are going over by hundreds of dollars in the grocery category. Now believe me when I say, I do not cook gourmet meals. We eat spaghetti and beans quite often. Now when I say grocery bill I should clarify by saying, "Wal Mart and Kroger." Those are my two options for this grand metropolis that I live in. So, also to clarify when I say groceries I mean copy paper, gifts sometimes and ink cartridges in addition to my groceries.

My friend, Senor Elefante, is a Dave Ramsey junkie and she was telling me about a link on his site that he recommends called It has seven nights of dinners, all of the ingredients, the recipes and several different places to shop from. They even have low fat options and low carb options. The big time bonus is that it even makes your grocery list by sections such as dairy and bread, etc. Wowzers! I cannot say that it has lowered my grocery bill substatially yet, but it has made my hair not stand on end as bad when I am looking at what to cook during the week. Typically, I spend hours each week planning my menu, shopping for my groceries as well as trying to think of something exciting and new to cook. My husband happens to like new and exciting whereas I would probably be fine with tacos and spaghetti most nights. He calls them ruts. . .I call them simple and cheap no brainers. :)

So if you are up to trying something new, logon to and check out the options for your area. Like I said, my only option is really Wal Mart because they do not have a Kroger option for my area. If you live in a larger town, your options are probably more diverse and exciting. It does cost $15 for every three months, but my time that I spend doing the work that is already done for me with the emealz list is well worth $15.

Hope it helps you have a little bit less hairy week. Let me know if you already use emealz or think you are going to try it.

By the way, I do not get any kickbacks from emealz, I just like to help moms and dads make their life more simple. Enjoy!

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John Mark said...

I'll confirm that emealz is pretty cool. As is my wife.