Each and every year in January I start getting antsy. I start thinking about warmth, bathing suits and sand. My mom inevitably emails me and says, "are you ready to book the place for this year?" She always says, "should we go somewhere different or go back to the same place?" My response is always I really don't care as long as there is warmth, bathing suits and sand.

Every year is always different depending on who decides to come. My aunts, kids and granny are regular attenders. My cousin's wives even came one year with their kids. This year, I am sitting here with my regular burn, pajamas and coffee anticipating the time that the pool opens and my kids tackle me and lure me out the door to the waves. Gretel was wee little when we first started this wild tradition. Each year we travel the 12 plus hours depending on how many potty stops we make. There is always a promised adventure when we get here.

Last year we decided to go on the Dolphin Cruise. The biggest excitement was the birds that flew behind the boat and we fed them Cheetos. Yeah! Big bucks paid for that! It was fun though. Gretel got to steer the ship and we saw a crab catch.

It is so fun to get dressed up at night after being in our sandy suits all day. We pick a favorite restaurant and dine in with great anticipation of what seafood we will devour. We top off our seafood with HOT Krispy Kreme donuts. A rare treat for us that live in a town where the donut shop is only open in the mornings.

I mean to tell you these are good times. I cannot wait until I get the email next year that says, "Are you ready to book the condo?"


Becky W. said...

Ok, I HAVE to ask...where in Florida? Where do ya'll stay? Do they have a website?

Hubs and I are wanting to go to Florida with our granddaughters and could use some suggestions. Thanks!

Unknown said...

We stay in Destin on Okaloosa Island. If you will email your direct email address I will give you some info on who we go through. We love it, obviously!