Am I Paranoid or Are We Not Getting Our Mail?

My greatest fear has happened. The mail man blocked our postal services. The reason you ask? Because our mailbox is too low.

A month ago our flooding street was "remedied" by the Independence County Road Department. Well, sort of. Ever since we have lived in this neighborhood our streets flood when we have heavy rain. Honestly, our house and our yard is not affected by this. Our house is a little higher than the rest of the neighborhood's houses and so basically the flooding stops right in our drainage ditch and yard.

This is the second time the County Road Department has "remedied" the problem of flooding in our neighborhood. The first time our mailbox became too low for our mailman to reach from his truck, we were left with the task of raising it. My husband had to build a new post that was longer for our mailman to reach the box. It not only costs us money, it costs us time.

Well, I am done with fixing the county's problems. If they are going to make my mailbox too low, they are going to have to raise it. I called the county judge and he was out to lunch. HMMM! Maybe he could stop by on his way to Sonic and build us a new mailbox.

My bills and packages are now in our mailman's truck. Maybe the mailman would like to pay our bills when they are late?

I will let you know how this turns out. As of now, I am not hopeful.

Update: Not even five minutes later, my husband comes to the rescue of our mail. He is digging a post hole. Sorry, county you missed out on serving your residents. :(

County Update: I called to let them know my awesome hubs took care of it. The lady said that she would make sure to let the judge know that this is a problem when the road department is altering the roads and they need to do something about it. I think it helped that I was nice both times when I spoke to her.

I guess I should also add that I think it is important to let the county know your needs. That is what we pay taxes for right? :)


Marcia said...

I am soooo glad your blogging again, maybe you will motivate me.

Unknown said...

We found our mail at the bottom of a watered filled ditch one year. We now have a po box so we can get all of our bills there. There were times when we did not get any bills for 2 months.