3,000 Bottles of Excel Rows on the Wall

I love work! I love my boss! But not today! I have a spreadsheet of over 3,000 rows of information that I have to press delete, cut and paste over and over again to get the right information on there. It is 50 sheets of printed out information. I am sitting here listening to Pandora Radio - Love Songs, drinking Coke Zero and working on my office chair posture. All the while singing 3,000 Bottles of Excel Spreadsheet Rows on the Wall. I am truly losing my mind! Help! Can anyone identify?

I really should not complain. I am sure someone who lost their job recently would appreciate my 3,000 rows on an excel spreadsheet. Truly, I am thankful for my job. I work for an awesome ministry that really tries hard to please God and to follow His plan. My work/ministry is not perfect, but individually each of my co-workers has a personal relationship with Christ and they want to do what the Lord has for them. You cannot ask for much better than that. Now, back to the rows and rows and rows!

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