I have so much to tell you!

It has been difficult for me to write lately because so much is going on. I have sat down at my computer I don't know how many times, to post and cannot express my thoughts. It is not so much that my thoughts are so incredible but I just think I don't have a lot of extra words. I know that seems odd, doesn't it. . . especially to those who know me personally.

Ok for starters, if you follow this blog at all we are adding on to our house. I cannot tell you how many blog posts that I have come up with when I am on the roof shingling. Including the title, "Look, I have shingles." I know, ridiculous. Another thing that I have pondered up there is what to do with my poor kids who are below biding their time on the computer. I felt so guilty last night when my kids came out at 9:00 pm and said that they were so hungry and I discovered when I came in they had gotten into the French bread and were eating off the ends like cats. My only thought is that I am literally "putting a roof over their heads" and until the house is "in the dry" I have to work.

The other great thing that is going on is I am doing a great Bible Study called Vertically Inclined by Mary Kassian as well as reading a book called The Shack. The Shack is a very controversial book and one that I have agreed with so far until the end where he talks about the church. If you could just pull out the last pages it is a good fiction, thinker! My Bible Study is just great. The gals are great who I am completing it with and the daily work is very enlightening.

On another and final note, I am having major Naughty Lobby withdrawal as my sweet Prince Charming lovingly calls it. I am into jewelry making and I need beads in a bad way. I have tried several websites and maybe I just have some kind of tactile deficiency, but I really need to feel as well as see the beads that I am buying. Maybe it's just the smell of Hobby Lobby that I need. I don't know, but I may have to head that whopping 75 mile direction soon.

Well, there I got the post out of my system. Maybe, just maybe there will be some fun little pics with me soon "with shingles." :)


Heidi said...

I can't shop for craft supplies online either. I've tried, but it feels less than satisfactory. I'm into the instant gratification though. Somehow clicking "buy" and then waiting a week for it to show up in the mailbox just isn't the same as swiping my card and walking out of the store with it! :)

Sara said...

You sure sound busy! I'll have to check out Vertically Inclined and The Shack! Sounds right up my alley! :)