The Essential Summertime Gear

What works for me? Country time Lemonade and that cooler!!! I know it seems so ridiculous to put a cooler on Works for Me Wednesday, but it really has been something we use everyday around here. I'm not sure where you live, but where I live it is HOT! We are in the midst of a construction project, going to the swimming pool, entertaining guests, and don't forget the lemonade stand.

The reason I love these coolers so much is that I can carry them - unlike the 4 gallon version of these. These coolers hold 2 gallons. You can find them at Wally World for just under $10. My little Gretel can top these off with Country Time and fill them with water and we are out the door to whatever event the day might hold. We fill them up for dad when he is working on the roof as well. They have been used daily by my family!

Another hot (no pun intended) tip: One thing we have done in the past is use them for hot water too. They are insulators and so we fill them up with hot water and take hot chocolate powder with us to make hot chocolate when we are out and about. I'm telling you, every mom should have at least one!!! :)

Please don't forget to check out my Christmas in July post for a give-away thanks to my new hobby. Have a great Works for Me Wednesday day!!


Anonymous said...

I need to get one! That's perfect. Have a nice week.

catslady said...

Are my grandkids out selling lemonade?

Unknown said...

I love the hot chocolate idea! I would've never thought of it!

Baldric said...

Wow, you have a nice blog. I’m not sure what to say about the comments though since not all of them sound friendly. I guess attending Family Blessings seminars made me less of an internet troll now.