Works for Me Wednesday - Cheap Soil

I posted on this last year, but it was kind of after the season was over. At my local Wal Mart, you can get bags of soil, rocks, mulch and many other things that have holes in them for 50% off. There is a place that they put all of the busted bags outside of my Wal Mart so all I do is drive by every few days to see what they have. Oftentimes, too much has leaked out and it does not make it worth it to buy them, but most of the time they just have a hole and cannot sell them. Last year we got a bunch of Miracle Grow bags of soil that really made our vegetable garden awesome.

I checked with Home Depot and they do not do this. They send theirs back to the supplier and are compensated for the broken bags. Happy Soil Hunting!

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Heather said...

Oooooo ... great idea - I'll have to check this out - I had no idea!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

We bought these a few years ago (soil and mulch). It was great! :)
Michele :)

Anonymous said...

Great secret! I would love to get my soil on the cheap.

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! Thanks for the tip!