Monday Menu

Monday - tonight we had teriyaki chicken legs from an awesome Year of Crockpotting meals blog; I'm telling you girls that if you do not have your crockpot out once a week you are doing a disservice to yourself!!! We had Minute Rice and green beans sweetened with splenda with a touch of butter
Tuesday - Gretel had an Asian open-house last week. I have really been into Asian food lately (this is really strange to someone who is a meat and potato kind of girl), but I have a friend who is from Malaysia who fixed spring rolls and I am going to call him for the recipe. What he made before is very similar I believe to this spring roll recipe. Not sure what I am going to make with them, probably some form of chicken stir fry.
Wednesday - Pancakes, bacon and oranges
Thursday- baked beans and Bratwurst on the grill - great idea 3 Blondes and the Law
Friday - Pepperoni Bread from Kids Meal Crowd Blog
Saturday - running a 5K; Yay! Should be fun. . .I better fix myself something yummy to reward myself, right! :) Perhaps, Chicken Parmesan with a salad. . .that sounds good right now!!
Sunday- Last week we had tostadas with refried beans and taco meat with salad fixins. It was perfect. I just need to make sure to defrost my hamburger meat ahead of time so I can fix it quickly.

Update from last week's Menu.
  • The steak night was superb and it was because of the great company we had! Yay for friends! Thanks for not looking too closely at the inside of my house. You guys are best!
This last week a friend sent me a comparable coupon site to The Grocery Game called It is free and awesome.


chona said...

great ideas! a little note - if you're really into Asian food, you're doing a disservice to your family by using Minute Rice! :) Try a better quality long-grain rice like Botan - most grocery stores have an international food section.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with your comments about using a slow cooker and death to cheez whiz! LOL I remembered that I didn't like cheez whiz when we had the baked potato bar on Monday night. Hubby said his broccoli and cheese potato was "ruined" by the whiz. We ended up warming it up and using some for nachos before finally tossing it out. Not a moment too soon! I will be trying the Teriyaki Chicken recipe this month -- sounds tasty! Thanks for the link, I've subbed to your feed! Have a great week.