The Things We Do When We Don't Have Time

Only four more days till company's coming (Hip hip hooray-I'm super excited) and I decide to make them some privacy curtains for my french doors which shows into our living room! No funny business while you are at my house :)

and put up some more curtains

and touch up paint the room where they will be staying

and make a goody basket for parent teacher conferences - to ensure that my gal gets all A's! Just kidding!Oh, and make some curtains for the bathroom. Yuck, it looks like camo in my bathroom-never mind the curtains. . . .how about table napkins.

I am getting ready to head out the door for our Ladies Retreat for my church. I am in charge of food. . .yikes. . .and decor so I better hop off and cook! :) and go to Wal Mart! Happy Weekend to everyone.

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