Tackle It Tuesday

I had a little motivation other than wanting to get organized! :( My motivation was a little black bug that I kept finding in my cupboards. I guess they were wanting me to clean things up a bit! They kept running around saying, "Use high powered cleaner on me and kill me!" Ok, so maybe not. I found the source, the organic flour that I was always too scared to use in my recipes. Make sure you check out the link if you see the pests wandering around your cabinets.

The Before:

The After:
Check out Tackle It Tuesday if you are looking for inspiration to tackle the jobs around your house. Or you can just invite some bugs into your cupboards!


Mo said...

A tuff tackle, but you did a great job - you're 'inspiring' me! Thx!!


Anonymous said...

I tackled my tuesday tasks, not 100% but better then it was!

Come check out my blog!

~michelle pendergrass said...

Wow! Great tackle!!